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Industry Industry The three letters ‘PFM’ – PROCESS FLUID MANAGEMENT – will soon be important for all manufacturers who believe in maximum efficiency. MOTOREX magazine had the opportunity to observe at first hand the first PFM system introduced at Mathys Medizinaltechnik AG in Bettlach. PFM – the formula for success The information shown on the machine must agree with the information on the product. 10 12 Recording the relevant data in the plant. From left to right, D. Schmid (MOTOREX AG), K. Roth (Mathys Medizinaltechnik AG) and U. Simon (Simon Industrietechnik). All fluids are identified with a carefully designed color coding and barcode system, which makes administration easy and efficient. Mathys Medizinaltechnik AG, which is headquartered in Bettlach in Switzerland, employs over 1,860 people and is one of the leading suppliers of medical technology products. With 19 subsidiaries worldwide, Mathys Medizinaltechnik achieved consolidated sales in 2002 of around 428 million Swiss francs. Most of this was in the field of osteosynthesis (implants, instruments for treating fractures, surgical systems for treating the spine, etc.) and orthopedics (prostheses, artificial joints and the related surgical instruments). This is an extremely sophisticated field, and places extreme demands on the company’s production technology. Structured introduction of PFM The MOTOREX PROCESS FLUID MANAGEMENT package comprises a number of modules. It covers approximately 12 areas in the fields of process fluids, logistics, maintenance and machine management. The system is implemented on the basis of a detailed, checklistbased situation analysis that examines, categorizes, resolves and relates various factors of the customer’s circumstances. The procedure for implementing MOTOREX PROCESS FLUID MANAGEMENT: • Analysis of customer situation • Preparation of lubrication plans • Logistics framework for lubricants • Preparation of machine documentation • Installation of the software and hardware required for data collection • Setting up the databases • Color code system (machines, plant, oil trolley, barrels) • Reducing diversity • Employee training • Highlighting possible cost-saving measures • System design (filters, cleaning systems, piping, etc.) • Results monitoring MOTOREX PROCESS FLUID MANAGEMENT This approach has the benefit of flexibility, because greater emphasis can then be placed on certain key areas and the timescale for implementation adjusted accordingly. What are the benefits of PFM? When fully implemented, a PROCESS FLUID MANAGEMENT system focuses attention on a company’s core business, namely the machining and manufacturing of components. By simplifying procedures and fine-tuning logistics, professionals in the metal processing industries find they have more time to concentrate on their core tasks; they are also able to improve machine capacity utilization and value creation. Greater quality consistency is also possible, because simplified procedures and the impossibility of using the wrong fluid improve transparency. The elimination of sources of error together with more efficient working methods result in a noticeable decrease in manufacturing unit costs. Planning horizon for the introduction of PFM It can take anything from several weeks to several months to fully introduce the MOTOREX PROCESS FLUID MANAGEMENT system, depending on the customer’s needs and circumstances. The longer period would be applicable when, for example, all production fluids (cutting oils, coolants/lubricants mixed in the correct proportions, etc.) and maintenance fluids (hydraulic or gear oils, etc.) have to be supplied direct to each workstation from a central oil room because the time required to implement the system is affected by the construction work involved. The innovative MOTOREX PROCESS FLUID MANAGEMENT system provides a clear solution for all forwardlooking manufacturing companies. For further details and information about conditions, please contact Daniel Schmid ( or your MOTOREX AG representative in Switzerland. Enquiries from Germany and Europe should be addressed to Uwe Simon from Industrietechnik Simon (, Tel. +49 6234 929084. MOTOREX PFM is only available in Europe at this time. The danger of using the wrong lubricant is eliminated and topping up can be carried out by personnel with no special training. Another key benefit of PFM is the provision of an optimally designed oil room with an infrastructure that meets the latest standards. 13



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