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Moto Line Export Top

Moto Line Export Top products win through internationally - and so are a growing number of MOTOREX products. The company is using its innovative Sail Label to reach all its customers and end-users in their own language. The Portuguese are well known for their love affair with anything on two wheels and cycle racing and motorcycles have a long tradition here. BICIMOTOR LDA in Porto imported the first MOTOREX products over 10 years ago. The multilingual Sail Label Olá MOTOREX! An ingenious 1-liter bottle… A family business since 1952 10 The label opens easily to reveal product information in a total of 14 languages. Simply apply pressure to the surface of the label to adhere it back to the bottle. MOTOREX believes in the power of innovation and is constantly working to introduce exciting marketing techniques to its international markets. One of the newest is a patented 1-liter oil bottle incorporating a clever filler tube that makes oil drips a thing of the past. MOTOREX has received a number of awards for this invention and is already integrating this new specialty packaging into its most important product lines. …meets an innovative label Depending on the sales market, the information on a product label may need to be provided in several languages. Until now, the practice has been to use different versions of the label for each geographical sales area. From the logistics point of view, this significantly increased costs and did not always guarantee that all necessary languages appeared on the label. The new Sail Label has space for 14 languages, which greatly increases the chance that the consumer will be able to read the information in his or her native language. This, in fact, also addresses a significant safety issue. Real advantages for the consumer A study of consumer behavior has shown that consumers only sporadically read product information. Linguistic knowledge plays a key role in this. If the text is available to the consumer in his or her native language, the consumer is much more likely to read the information and to develop a a positive impression of the product. Starting this spring, the SCOOTER 2T 1-liter bottle will be shipped with this new label. This packaging innovation will be used in other MO- TOREX product lines and it will be interesting to see if the label revolutionizes multilingual product labels around the world. SWISS STAR 2000 2001 PACKAGING FOR WORLDSTAR The name Porto is familiar to everyone, both because it is an important port on the Atlantic coast, and because of the delicious port wine originally made famous by the British in both the old and the new worlds. Also very much at home and well known in Porto is Joaquim Leite (see large picture), the founder of BICIMOTOR LDA. He was a professional cyclist for 12 years and competed in the Tour de Suisse in 1971. Today he is an extremely able businessman with his own successful company. As the importer of the MOTOREX BIKE and MOTO LINE, he and his 10 employees supply the whole of the specialist bicycle trade in Portugal and have vigorously expanded the MOTOREX presence in the Portuguese market over the last decade. Quality is a winning argument In 1992, the lubricant companies were surprised to see a new competitor in the market since it was already saturated with low-price suppliers. However, backed by some serious sales arguments, Joaquim Leite and his team grabbed the bull by the horns and began to build the business. MOTOREX’s high level of involvement in international racing, along with its immaculate image as a Swiss manufacturer of quality products, also helped to achieve the right market positioning. Market share increased year on year and the bond between the two familyrun companies also strengthened. Success in motorbike trials and in the marketplace Portugal’s trial champion Fátima Silva has shown how to win the motorbikecrazy hearts of her compatriots. BICIMO- TOR sponsors the young motorcyclist, giving MOTOREX a share in her successes. The result is an ever-increasing level of awareness of the company and its name. Joaquim Leite does a lot of other community work too, for example in his capacity as Board Parish of Santa Marinha district, Oporto, wine City. Here’s to continued success! Portugal’s trial champion Fátima Silva has a real talent for balance and is a very worthy ambassador for MOTOREX. The black and white picture shows Joaquim Leite (in front) taking part in the famous Tour de Suisse in 1971. 11



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