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Moto-Line Moto-Line STARLIGHT EXPRESS Motorcycles are like jewellery – if they are not polished up from time to time, they lose part of their allure. Here’s how you can get the job done in just three steps. 6 Cleaning from top to bottom: Spray on MOTO- CLEAN 900 using the pump-action dispenser… … leave for 5 minutes, and then rinse off with plenty of water. Use the drying cloth to dry any areas from which the water does not bead off by itself. Cleaning with MOTO-CLEAN 900 Dried-on insects, aggressive brake dust, and other hard-to-clean dirt on motorcycles trigger an as-yet unexplained but nonetheless real cleaning mania in most bikers. When this happens, bikers of both sexes dream of a miracle cleaner that will transforms their road-weary bike into a pristine new machine in a single step. MOTOREX fulfills this craving with its tried-and-trusted MOTO-CLEAN 900 motorcycle cleaner. The complete cleaning kit contains a 1-litre spray bottle of the active ingredient, a special green sponge, and an absorbent drying cloth. MOTOREX MOTO-CLEAN 900 • can be used on the entire motorcycle • is acid-free and non-corrosive •is highly effective • can be diluted up to 1:3 with water depending on how dirty the bike is • biodegrades quickly • does not contain VOC’s So here’s how to use it: Make sure your bike has cooled off completely, spray on the cleaner and leave it work for no longer than 5 minutes. Apply undiluted MOTO- CLEAN 900 to especially stubborn dirt and rub with the sponge. Then rinse off with plenty of water. The water will bead off most surfaces, but in places where the water cannot flow off easily, dry the bike right away using the green drying cloth. It’s a good idea to blow-dry exposed parts of the bike’s electrical system with compressed air. For long-lasting results, we recommend MOTOREX PROTECT & SHINE 645 spray. MOTOREX MOTO-CLEAN 900 is also available in environment friendly 1-litre refill bags for the retail market and in 25- or 60-litre containers for motorcycle shops. Cleaning and polishing with CLEAN & POLISH MOTOREX CLEAN & POLISH cleans and polishes your bike in a single operation. This revolutionary cleaning and polishing foam in a 500-ml spray can cleans all metal, plastic and painted sur- faces gently and gives them a streak-free long-lasting shine. Here’s how to use it: Shake the spray can thoroughly before using. Make sure the areas you want to clean are cool and dry, then spray the foam on them from a distance of about 5 – 10 cm (3 – 5 in). Leave for about 1 minute, and then polish with a soft, lint-free cloth. CLEAN & POLISH is also suitable for cleaning and polishing your bike between major cleanings or while you are on the road – for example to get a stunning shine at bike rallies. Shining and protecting your bike with PROTECT & SHINE 645 To obtain long-lasting shine after cleaning with MOTO-CLEAN 900 and CLEAN & POLISH, use PROTECT & SHINE 645, which is available in 500 ml spray cans and is recommended by various motorcycle manufacturers. Sensitive surfaces, such as semi-gloss painted surfaces, often lose their original lustre after cleaning. Protecting them with MOTOREX PROTECT & SHINE 645 restores them to like-new conditions. It gives surfaces •a mirror-like shine •long-lasting corrosion protection • antistatic properties to prevent dust and particles from building up Polished aluminium surfaces and chrome parts at high risk of corrosion enjoy reliable total protection even for lengthy periods, such as during winter storage. Here’s how to use it: Shake the spray can well before use. Spray clean, dry parts from a distance of about 5 – 10 cm (3 – 5 in), then polish with a soft cloth. Also suitable for rubber, leather, and plastics. So enjoy your nice clean bike and safe and fun riding! Please observe the instructions for use for all products, or ask you MOTOREX dealer. Cleaner and polish in one: Spray on CLEAN & POLISH and leave for 1 minute … … then polish to a high lustre with a softlint-free cloth – it’s that easy. MOTOREX PROTECT & SHINE 645 restores that new-bike shine and protects against corrosion after every clean. 7



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