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News News 4 New: MOTOREX DRY LUBE in spray form The MOTOREX BIKE-LINE has a new member: MOTOREX DRY LUBE, the highly effective biodegradable chain lubricant, is now also available as a spray. It reduces friction and wear noticeably when sprayed on bicycle chains and other moving parts. DRY LUBE forms an outstanding lubricating film to protect your bike against dry, dusty conditions. This new, extremely highadhesion chain lubricant is used by such endorsers as the highly successful BIANCHI racing team. And when conditions are damp or wet, professional riders swear by MOTOREX WET LUBE. Both WET LUBE and DRY LUBE are available in 300-ml spray cans. 14-metre “longings” advertisements on the road throughout Europe As we battle with today’s hectic traffic, which of us has never felt the desire to escape into a different world? This longing often has us dreaming of cruising empty roads on a powerful motorcycle or feeling the power of our own bodies on a breathtaking mountain bike run. These and other longings are being awakened this time by MOTOREX’s international image campaign. Every day a APRILIA UK Ltd. goes with MOTOREX Virtually no other make of motorcycle can look back on so many recent successes in racing and sales as APRILIA. And since spring of this year, MOTOREX is APRILIA UK Ltd.’s official partner for lubricants and bike care products with its MOTO-LINE. APRILIA sells about 15,000 motorcycles annually in the UK. This puts APRILIA in number 4 position in the motorcycle market ahead of KAWASAKI! APRILIA’S press fleet of motorcycles and scooters is already running on MOTOREX and all APRILIA dealers have been supplied with MOTOREX products. While on the subject of dealers, APRILIA’s 20 most successful authorised UK dealers were invited to visit MOTOREX in Langenthal in mid-May on their way home from a Miyazaki hangs tough aprilia The Japanese are known for their tenacity: in the Suzuka Grand Prix, for exam- factory and race visit in Italy. A tour through the MOTOREX plant and an interesting series of discussions made lasting impressions on all the visitors. Did you know that APRILIA runs its own racing school at the official British Superbike Track in Knock Hill? This is extremely fortuitous because MOTOREX likes to test its new products on the race tracks before launching them in the marketplace. ple, 36-year-old Osamu Miyazaki rode circles around the factory teams on his privately owned Yamaha. A wild card got Miyazaki a place on the starting line for the 250 cc race, and he used the opportunity to the fullest. In rainy conditions, the power of the Yamaha production bike combined with Miyazaki’s unequalled knowledge of the course to give the Japanese fighter his first Grand Prix victory. Incidentally, he did not miss a single 250 cc world championship race between 1996 and 1998. Congratulations! number of articulated and refrigerated trucks are on the road throughout Europe carrying 14-metre MOTOREX ads on their sides. The ads promote the CAR-, MOTO- and BIKE-LINES with the immediately recognisable 1-litre oil container. These “big rigs” have to take a break now and again, of course, but they still spread the word about MOTOREX even when they are parked up. Picture: press MB. Natural talent: MOTOREX LAGUNA BIO 2T In recent years, biodegradable lubricants have established themselves in a wide range of applications. This includes marine applications, an area where MOTOREX and its MARINE-LINE are setting the pace with a wide range of biodegradable products. Most countries have strict laws to protect lakes and streams. Two-stroke marine engines must now only use motor oils that biodegrade quickly. MOTOREX LAGUNA BIO 2T is an environment-friendly highperformance two-stroke motor oil that combines optimum lubrication characteristics with extremely effective corrosion protection in all situations. In addition, it can be relied on to produce low smoke and low odour emissions when it burns. LAGUNA BIO 2T meets a range of strict specifications – API TD, ASTM TSC-4, ISO-L-ETD, NMMA TC-W 3 – and is over 80% biodegradable as per the CEC- L-33-A-93 standard or the CEC-L-33-T-82 standard. TRUCK-LINE: Trio of new gear oils The MOTOREX TRUCK-LINE provides a full range of truck and bus lubricants and care products from a single source. Three new gear oils meet truck manufacturers’ stringent specifications and slot in perfectly with the other products in the line: • MOTOREX PENTA TL SAE 75W/90 100% synthetic high-performance gear oil API GL-5, for extreme service conditions and extended oil change intervals. • MOTOREX PRISMA TF SAE 75W/85 Synthetic high-performance gear oil API GL-4, for demanding service conditions and extended oil change intervals. • MOTOREX GEAR OIL UNIVERSAL SAE 80W/140 Petroleum-based high-pressure gear oil API GL-5, the latest generation of high-performance universal gear oil. For further information, please contact your MOTOREX importer. Have a good journey! SCOOTER GEAR OIL ZX SAE 80W/90 Scooter transmissions often operate at high temperatures. The reason is the increasingly heavy stop-and-go traffic in our towns and cities – right where it makes sense to ride a scooter. MOTOREX’s absolutely thermostable scooter gear oil ZX SAE 80W/90 helps deal with this problem. Its semi-synthetic formulation results in extremely low coefficients of friction. MOTOREX SCOOTER GEAR OIL ZX is specially formulated for the infiniterange transmissions used in scooters, and it meets current manufacturer specifications with aplomb. The handy, slimline 100-ml tube is also convenient, since it guarantees that the lubricant only gets into the transmission and nowhere else. 5



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