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MOTOREX Magazine 2002 66 EN

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Box Did you know that...

Box Did you know that... ...”La Girolle ® ” is conquering Europe? Power pack! For over 20 years, “la Girolle ® ” has been the ambassador of Swiss Jura cuisine throughout Europe. This inspired invention shaves off delicate, paper-thin rosettes of “Tête de Moine”, the famous Swiss cheese from Belelay, for serving with aperitifs or as the crowning conclusion to a fine meal. Métafil, in the town of Lajoux in the Swiss Jura, uses SWISSCOOL 7733 from the MOTOREX SWISSLINE to machine metal parts for the 120,000 devices it produces each year – c’est magnifique! MOTOREX – fast and legal on police bikes In Varna, on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, life is generally pretty laid back. But when the fun stops, the police sometimes have to use their white Suzukis. When things get really serious, and the police have to apprehend a suspect, the “Polizeite” (Policemen in Bulgarian) have to go full throttle. And that’s tough on cold engines. For some time now, police bikes have been using MOTOREX and have made a big contribution to keeping law and order in Varna. Congratulations to MOTOREX, Varna! 14 BUCHER AG LANGENTHAL, MOTOREX Lubrication CH-4901 Langenthal,



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