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Industry Industry Comparison test MOTOREX SWISSCUT ORTHO with a high-performance cutting oil 2100 1680 1260 2050 A. Roughing + 12.6% 1820 2000 1600 1200 B. Solid drilling + 11.1% 2000 1800 1600 1280 960 C. Internal roughing + 77.7% 1600 900 840 800 640 420 400 320 0 A SWISSCUT ORTHO 400 B High-Performance Cutting Oil 0 A SWISSCUT ORTHO 400 B High-Performance Cutting Oil 0 A SWISSCUT ORTHO 400 B High-Performance Cutting Oil 10 Outstanding efficiency: CNC-controlled multiple-spindle lathe and SWISSCUT ORTHO. High-quality 41-mm-diameter rods made of type 42 Cr Mo 4 V heat-treated steel. Picture: L. Klein SA, Biel Picture: supplied Multiple-spindle lathes getting up to speed Tool change times are a very important consideration where there are extremely large numbers of parts and complex multi-stage machining processes. In such cases, CNC-controlled multiple-spindle lathes achieve significantly higher outputs than their single-spindle counterparts. Where materials that are difficult to cut are also being machined, using the right cutting oil – like selecting the tools and tool changing system – has a major impact on efficiency. We tested five representive operations with MOTOREX SWISSCUT ORTHO 400 in the series production of a lock ring made from heat-treated steel. Challenging workpiece The lock ring, which is used in the automotive industry, is made from type 42 Cr Mo 4 V heat-treated steel with a strength of 1000 N/mm 2 . About 80% of the original raw material is removed in the production process using a total of 13 different tools. Complying with the tolerances specified by the customer, such as 20 µm for the diameter and 0.05 mm for the length, is extremely challenging. Five representive operations were selected for the comparison test, which took place at WST Präzisionstechnik, Löffingen, a succesful German specialist in bar diameters of up to 65 mm. Roughing, solid drilling, internal roughing, punching and cropping. A conventional high-performance cutting oil and MOTOREX SWISSCUT ORTHO 400 were used. Astonishing results These astonishing results reveal that even multiple-spindle lathes have an enormous potential for optimisation. Three different factors – machine, tools 1400 1120 840 560 280 0 and cutting oil – have to be optimally attuned in order to achieve the desired performance improvement. Packs a punch 1400 A SWISSCUT ORTHO 400 D. Punching + 250% 400 B High-Performance Cutting Oil Using MOTOREX SWISSCUT ORTHO 400 helped to optimise feed rates and cutting speeds and achieve perfect chip breaking. SWISSCUT ORTHO cutting oils are based on an innovative formulation containing lowaromatic, solvent-refined base oils, numerous special additives and fully synthetic components. They feature excellent cooling, flushing, and lubricating power and incredible wear reserves over an extremely broad temperature range. The results are greatly extended tool life and improved productivity. 1500 1200 900 600 300 0 1500 A SWISSCUT ORTHO 400 E. Cropping + 114.2% 700 B High-Performance Cutting Oil If you have any questions about using MOTOREX ORTHO cutting oils to process hard-to-machine materials on multiple-spindle lathes, contact your MOTOREX dealer, or send an e-mail message to: Born to perform: MOTOREX ORTHO 400 Absolute values Parts produced up to tool change Percentage values Performance optimisation Bar diameter 41 mm Material Heat-treated 42 Cr Mo 4V steel Source MOTOREX AG, CH-4901 Langenthal 11



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