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Box Did you know that...

Box Did you know that... ... MOTOREX is also inspiring future champions in Brazil? Power pack! We’re talking about Nicolas Rodrigues, who is all of 4 years old. Nicolas is crazy about motocross and MOTOREX. And he races regularly in the Motocross Kids class (4 – 6-year-olds) and just keeps bringing trophies back to his home in Rio de Janeiro. His biggest dream: to be a professional motocross rider like Stefan Everts. MOTOREX and all of our readers wish Nicolas the best of luck! Cool idea 1500 family-friendly horses: the Sbarro Family Dragster Franco Sbarro – known throughout the world as the epitome of boundless automotive creativity – has been working on a 5-tonne, 6-seater dragster with his 33 students in his “Ateliers d’Etudes de Construction Automobiles” in Grandson, Canton Vaud. Sbarro and company have invested 3000 hours of work in the car. Picture: AR It’s a monster of a vehicle, powered by a 37-litre Merlin V-12 steel-block engine, whose 1,500 HP once powered a Centurion tank. The oil system is filled with no less than 50 litres of MOTOREX. If you ask the master for the profound thought that gave birth to his Family Dragster, his answer is simple: “There is none. I was just trying to create a halfway civilised dragster.” The Sbarro Family Dragster can be seen at various shows and at a special exhibition that will take place from May to September 2002 in Grandson, not far from EXPO 02 in Switzerland. For additional information check out: 14 BUCHER AG LANGENTHAL, MOTOREX Lubrication CH-4901 Langenthal,



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