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Export Pictures: P.

Export Pictures: P. Pellegrini Sponsoring MOTOREX and its groundbreaking products are well known far beyond Switzerland’s national boundaries. So it’s quite common for MOTOREX products to be successfully marketed in other countries, including ones popular with European holidaymakers. Greece is one such example. What do the Schumacher brothers have in common with Frentzen, Häkkinen, Panis and colleagues? Easy: they all drive Formula 1, and all served their time learning their craft in Formula 3. Calimera MOTOREX! Formula 3 – forging new talent 10 Attractive brands in an attractive environment – a IAPONIKI branch in Larisa. You can even get MOTOREX on the island of Samos thanks to MOTO MARKET. Successful in Greece MOTOREX has two partners selling its products in the geographically large Greek market. MOTO MARKET has been marketing the MOTOREX MOTO-LINE with resounding success for some considerable time and IAPONI- KI S.A. is showing its strengths as an importer and seller of MOTOREX’s highquality CAR-LINE. Greece is very much a motorbike and scooter country, with a very high density of bikes per head of population. MOTO MARKET is an expert in the motorcyle market and enjoys a good reputation as the importer of other brands familiar to bikers, including DIADORA, SPIDI, MI- CRON and GOLD. As a wholesaler, MOTO MARKET supplies over 800 resellers and a chain of its own outlets and franchises. By contrast, IAPONIKI S.A. is active in the automotive spare parts business and operates 12 branches throughout the country. The company has been in existence since 1973 and now employs around 115 people. As its core business, it trades in and sells spare parts and consumables for all Japanese and European car makes. Swiss quality in demand What Greek customers appreciate most about MOTOREX is the top quality of its products, which proudly display their pedigree in the words “Made in Switzerland”. Moreover, MOTOREX CAR- LINE and MOTO-LINE are conquering hearts all over Greece with their perfectly structured, comprehensive range. MO- TOREX’s attractive POS displays set it apart from its competitors at the point of sale too. MOTOREX has also made a name for itself in its export markets through its longstanding sponsoring of bike racing. Names like Stefan Everts always spark off happy déjà vu experiences. So the next time you go travelling in foreign lands, keep an eye out for the familiar name of MOTOREX! Anyone who earns his spurs in Formula 3 has a realistic chance of joining motor racing’s Formula 1 elite class – it’s happened many times already. But in the case of the Swiss Racing Team SRT, which is based in Root near Lucerne, things are moving in the opposite direction. The core members of the team are from Peter Sauber’s Formula 1 stable. According to team leader and racing engineer Othmar Welti, “When we started the team two years ago, we took a very professional approach – probably because of our past experience. And that plus our talented young drivers makes us a potential winner in Formula 3!” A challenging season ahead Othmar Welti and his team have a tough schedule of 18 races in 9 weekends ahead of them in the 2002 international and German Formula 3 championship season. Since we’re talking about the team, it consists of seven mechanics, three engineers, two support staff (catering, etc.) and one physiotherapist. SRT will use three drivers and three cars with the latest F3 technology based on the Dallara F302 with its carbon and Kevlar composite chassis. The cars are capable of speeds of 285 km/h and are powered by a 210 hp Spiess/Opel-4-cylinder engine. A sophisticated vehicle data acquisition system with countless sensors provides continuous data on various engine parameters. Valuable cooperation MOTOREX has also recently joined the team by becoming its lubricant specialist. Nowhere can lubricants and other automotive products be evaluated and analysed better than in a race car. SRT meets the high standards of professionalism that MOTOREX sets in order to make certain that we obtain information that is truly relevant to the research and development of new products. Check out the Internet for additional information on the team ( and the Formula 3 season ( Talented and fast: (f.l.) Norbert Siedler (A), Marc Benz (CH) and Giles Tinguely (CH). Focused and knowledgeable: Engineer Roy Giddins (formerly with Sauber) at work. 11



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