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MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER WITH PASSION At the cutting edge of development as a partner for both industry and sport MOTOREX supplies lubricants and performance oils to those competing at the highest level and is thus capable of testing its products under the most extreme conditions. Our performance is driven by continuous product optimisation and investments in sustainable solutions. Innovation : Thanks to close collaboration with customers and partners, we recognise the demands of tomorrow at an early stage. Our solutions are designed for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We maximise performance: With innovative and precisely coordinated formulas, we maximise performance and efficiency whilst reducing CO 2 . Compelling occupational health and safety: Our products are free of boric acid, formaldehyde and chlorine and guarantee optimum skin compatibility. Environment and sustainability: We are investing in your future because our focus is on the development of rapidly biodegradable products as well as environmentally friendly processes in the manufacture of our range. MOTOREX-BUCHER GROUP AG Bern-Zürich-Strasse 31 4901 Langenthal, Schweiz Tel +41 62 919 75 75 0520/450318/Mer1000 Follow us



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