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OUR VALUES Customer-oriented Our customers are at the heart of all our thoughts and actions. We strive for the highest level of quality both in our products and in our services, and thus create lasting value for our customers. Authentic and credible We maintain a trusting, open and fair relationship with customers, suppliers, partners as well as with our employees. Reliable We live and breathe our values, even when the going gets tough. With due diligence and integrity, we live up to the good reputation of our corporate group and the image of the MOTOREX brand. Innovative and creative We are full of drive and eager to seize opportunities and develop new solutions or products. We promote the creativity our employees develop based on the collaboration with customers and partners from industry and business and will thus continue to surprise the market with startling innovations. Conscientious As part of the global community, we take our social and ecological responsibility seriously. We treat all people equally, regardless of their age, gender, religion, sexual orientation or where they come from. We take on ecological challenges. With our products, we make our contribution towards the solution. Attractive for committed talents With attractive working conditions, a modern infrastructure and our family-based corporate culture, we are an attractive employer and will continue to recruit committed, talented people to our company. Sporting mindset We are proud of our company. Nevertheless, we are not just satisfied with what we have achieved, because there is always room for improvement. We maintain a sporting team spirit in a strong Swiss family company. Long-term profitability Our corporate group is striving for correct profitability, which will allow it to invest in the sustainable development of our company and thus offer safe, attractive jobs. Certified Management System ISO 9001 / ISO 14001

MORE THAN 2500 PRODUCTS FOR YOUR MARKET FARMER LINE The best solutions for the long term use of machines in agriculture and forestry. TRUCK LINE Developed with manufacturers and specialised labs: topquality products for efficient maintenance in the transportation sector. CONSTRUCTION LINE Offers optimally coordinated lubricants for the efficient operation of construction machinery. INDUSTRIAL LINE Core competency: industrial lubrication technology – highly innovative developments with valuable practical expertise. CAR LINE Structured and equipped with the latest manufacturer’s approvals at all times. MOTO LINE Born in the racing sport – innovative power and knowhow for the greatest possible benefit in everyday life. BIKE LINE Comprehensive care and lubricant selection – developed with international bike teams. CLASSIC LINE Whether pre-war veteran, vintage or classic models: we know what engines need, whatever their age. TOPTECH AG is part of the corporate group and develops, sells and maintains installations and devices for the professional handling of lubricants. ALPINE LINE For lubrication needs in Alpine infrastructure. Expert advisory and analysis service. MARINE LINE Reliable lubricants for the smooth running of units in the marine sector. Specialising in lubricants for construction, traffic, agriculture and forestry.



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