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COOLANTLYNX SMART MIXING AND CARE SYSTEM FOR COOLING LUBRICANTS MEASURING DOSING FILLING OIL SEPARATION FILTRATION DOCUMENTATION OPERATE UP TO 6 MACHINING CENTRES SIMULTANEOUSLY AND AUTONOMOUSLY REMOTE CONTROL INSTALLATION & TECHNICAL DATA I Fast, simple installation I Minimal installation area required (900 x 630 mm) I Reusable filter elements I Automatic monitoring of concentrate level for barrel & IBC I Installation during ongoing operation without machine down time The COOLANTLYNX requires a 230 V power supply, water supply and compressed air. The machining centres require a feed and return line so that the coolant management system can take over the care and measurements independently. A level sensor is installed on each tank for monitoring subsequent filling. % CONCENTRATION pH VALUE TEMPERATURE ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY (OPTIONAL) ODOUR SENSOR (OPTIONAL) Dimensions [mm] 1434 I 900 I 630 (H x W x D) Weight 150 kg Compressed air 6 bar Water connection 1/2“ Discharge rate 12 l/min Power supply 230 V Power consumption ≤ 5 A Leakage sensor integrated 900 mm 630 mm MOTOREX AG I Bern-Zürich-Strasse 31, 4901 Langenthal, Switzerland I Tel. +41 62 919 75 75 I 1.434 mm 11/2021-452152



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