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CLASSIFICATIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS | KLASSIFICERINGAR OCH SPECIFIKATIONER REGULAR SAE 30 REGULAR SAE 40 RUNNING IN SAE 30 SUPREME SAE 30 SUPREME SAE 40 SUPREME SAE 50 HEAVY DUTY SAE 30 HEAVY DUTY SAE 40 HEAVY DUTY SAE 50 HEAVY DUTY SAE 20W/50 EVOTEC SAE 10W/30 EVOTEC SAE 15W/40 EVOTEC SAE 20W/50 EVOTEC SAE 50 Era Epok Classification API 1947 API-klassificering 1947 API classification 1952 API-klassificering 1952 API classification 1971 API-klassificering 1971 CCMC Classification CCMCklassificering Petrol Bensin 1900 - 1930 1930 - 1960 1960 - 1970 1970 - 1990 REGULAR PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY ML MM MS Diesel DG, DM DM DS Petrol Bensin SA SB SC, SD SE, SF SG Diesel CA, CB CC CD CE, CF Petrol Bensin G1, G2, G3 G4 Diesel D1 D2, D3, PD1 DF4, PD2 Military Specifications Militära specifikationer OEM Specifications MIL–L–2104A, MIL–L–2104A SUPPLEMENT 1 OEMspecifikationer CATERPILLAR SERIES 1 Definition Beskrivning Mineral oil with minimal additives Mineral oil with additives MIL–L–2104B, MIL–L–46152A/B FORD ESE–M2C101–A/B GM 6041–M CATERPILLAR SERIES 2 Mineral oil with additives MIL–L–2104C/D, MIL–L–45199B, MIL–L–46152C FORD ESE-M2C101-C, FORD ESE-M2C153-B/D, FORD SSM-2C9001-AA, FORD SSM-2C9011-A GM 6136-M, GM 6048-M, GM 6049-M CATERPILLAR SERIES 3 Paraffin base oil with additives MIL–L–2104E, MIL–L–46152D (corrosion protection) (anti-misting additive, oxidation protection, corrosion protection, wear protection, detergents) (anti-misting additive, oxidation protection, corrosion protection, wear protection, detergents, dispersants) (anti-misting additive, oxidation protection, corrosion protection, significant wear protection, detergents, dispersants) Mineralolja med få additiver Mineralolja med additiver Mineralolja med additiver Paraffinbaserad basolja med additiver (korrosionsskydd) (antiskumtillsats, antioxidanter, korrosionsskydd, slitskydd, tensider) (antiskumtillsats, antioxidanter, korrosionsskydd, slitskydd, tensider, dispergensmedel) (antiskumtillsats, antioxidanter, korrosionsskydd, kraftigt slitskydd, tensider, dispergensmedel) 6

KÖPFLI JK / 1959 GEARBOXES | VÄXELLÅDOR UNSYNCHRONISED In these gearboxes, no attention need be paid to synchronisation. These gearboxes also run with oils with higher additive levels, such as rear-axle oils in accordance with the standard API GL-5. However, industrial gear oils can also be used, but always follow the manufacturer's instructions. OSYNKRONISERADE De här växellådorna kräver ingen synkronisering. Växellådorna har oljor med kraftiga additiver, t.ex. bakaxeloljor med standard API GL- 5. Det går även att använda industriell transmissionsolja. Följ alltid tillverkarens anvisningar. Recommendation: GEAR OIL UNIVERSAL SAE 80W/90, 80W/140 GEAR COMPOUND PLUS 220, 460, 680 GEAR OIL EP SAE 80W, 80W/90 GREASE 174 Rekommendation: GEAR OIL UNIVERSAL SAE 80W/90, 80W/140 GEAR COMPOUND PLUS 220, 460, 680 GEAR OIL EP SAE 80W, 80W/90 GREASE 174 SYNCHRONISED In synchronised gearboxes, gear oils that contain a lower level of highpressure additives are used. This is the only way to guarantee that the gear change will work without the use of excess force. The standard normally provides for an API GL-4 oil. Manufacturers have specified various oils in their operating manuals. For example gear oil, motor oil or automatic gearbox oil. Recommendation: GEAR OIL EP SAE 80W, 80W/90 ATF SUPER SYNKRONISERADE Synkroniserade växellådor använder växellådsoljor med mindre högtryckstillsatser. Det gör att växlingen fungerar utan att du behöver ta i. Standarden anger oftast en API GL-4-olja. Tillverkarna har olika oljerekommendationer i bruksanvisningarna. Det kan t.ex. vara växellåds-, motor- eller automatväxellådsolja. Rekommendation: GEAR OIL EP SAE 80W, 80W/90 ATF SUPER 7



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