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BIKE LINE Perfect Care EN SE

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MISCELLANEOUS For many applications involved in repairing and maintaining bikes, the use of sprays is absolutely essential. Antirust Spray for example helps release parts seized with rust, as well as protecting against corrosion. This is only a brief selection from the extensive spray range. Find out about other helpful products at or from a specialist retailer. JOKER 440 also means MOTOREX is equipped to meet the demand for a dielectric, fully synthetic universal spray. GREASE SPRAY for example helps to apply grease in places that are difficult to access and you can prevent threaded bolts and nuts from seizing up with COPPER SPRAY. 26 The optimum addition with SPRAYS

MISCELLANEOUS If you wish to change fork oil or brake fluid yourself, you require special oils for the extremely sensitive components. MOTOREX’s RACING FORK OIL with a choice of five different viscosities meets the most stringent requirements. It is a fork oil for professionals! HYDRAULIC FLUID 75 is a special oil for hydraulic braking systems and ideal at low and high temperatures. Only use this oil if the manufacturer specifies mineral oil. Where the manufacturer specifies DOT brake fluids, use BRAKE FLUID DOT 5.1 or DOT 4. At the end of this brochure for BIKE LINE – PERFECT CARE, here is a special offer for your first set of MOTOREX care products. The BIKE CLEANING KIT in a practical bucket including a sponge and cotton cloths. The kit contains: EASY CLEAN 500 ml BIKE CLEAN 500 ml DRY POWER 100 ml 27



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