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BIKE LINE Perfect Care EN SE

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EQUIPMENT CARE & PROTECTION Use of PROTEX SPRAY is essential to make sure you are equipped for any changes in the weather. The textile and leather waterproofing offers highly effective, long-lasting protection against moisture. PROTEX can be used for leather, textiles and microfibres (e.g. GORE-TEX). Advantage: The fabric is still allowed to breathe naturally! PROTEX SPRAY is versatile to use, e.g. for sport and leisure items, motorbike and ski clothing, etc. ✓ Our Tip: Spray PROTEX extensively onto the surface you are waterproofing from a distance of approx. 20-30 cm. Leave to act and dry thoroughly. Depending on the exposure of the material, repeat at regular intervals. 24 Water and oil protectant

CLEANING WITHOUT WATER QUICK CLEAN is a special cleaner which is ideally suited to get the bike back into a clean and well cared for condition, even if you do not have the opportunity to sluice it down with water using a hose. This is frequently the case in city areas where cleaning with water is often not possible due to urban housing conditions. ✓ Our Tip: Set the nozzle to a fine spray, spray the dirty places and then rub off. You are recommended to carry out the other steps in this brochure as well. Where there are brake discs, these really must be degreased before the first ride! The cleaner is also perfect for use on e-bikes and pedelecs, as they are often not very dirty and laborious cleaning is not always necessary. Above all, it is advisable not to use a lot of water all the time due to the many electronic parts. Quick cleaner with water-beading effect 25



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