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BIKE LINE Perfect Care EN SE

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EQUIPMENT CARE & PROTECTION Correct cleaning and care not only maintains the value of the bicycle, which means you enjoy «biking» even more. Correct handling of equipment using maintenance products can also significantly increase its service life. HELMET CARE, the active cleaning and care foam, acts quickly and freshens up helmet padding, protectors, shoes, rucksacks, etc. Can be used both inside and outside. ✓ Our Tip: Spray the active foam extensively over the equipment that needs cleaning and leave it to act. When the foam starts to break down, you can wipe it off with a dry cotton cloth. Finally, allow to dry out and air thoroughly. HELMET CARE also has an anti-bacterial effect and deodorises ,which means it traps unpleasant smells. Final cleaning therefore eliminates odours in a targeted way. 22 Helmet spray




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