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GREASING VARIOUS PARTS It is important to lubricate moving parts apart from the drive chain, especially after intensive cleaning using BIKE CLEAN and water spray. The various greases in the MOTOREX product line are especially suitable for this. However, greasing is not only required after intensive cleaning. Different greases must be used when various repairs are carried out or when new parts are fitted. Which grease is required for which application? Here are the tips: WHITE GREASE White lithium-based lubricating grease with wear-reducing properties and outstanding adhesion. Excellent for wheel, bottom bracket and contact roller bearings. The 100g can with a brush integrated in the lid is perfect for application. CARBON PASTE Special grease for assembling carbon and aluminium parts such as bike seatposts, pedals and stems. CARBON PASTE protects against contact corrosion. The 100g can with a brush integrated in the lid is perfect for application. Carbon parts are damaged if they are tightened excessively. Friction is increased by using CARBON PASTE so considerably less force needs to be applied. BIKE GREASE 2000 Highly water-repellent grease with special lubricating action for various bearings such as joints and hubs or for the control unit. BIKE GREASE 2000 can withstand very high pressure. GREASE GUN Special grease gun for lubricating points that are difficult to access. Simple and easy to refill, with a long service life. 20




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