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BIKE LINE Perfect Care EN SE

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BRAKE DISC CLEANING & DEGREASING The use of POWER BRAKE CLEAN is enormously important, because the application of the various products time and again leads to the brake discs coming into contact with maintenance products. The brake discs are not cleaned and degreased until all work with various oils and sprays is completed. This means you can rule out any fluids which could impair brake efficiency getting onto the brake again. ✓ Our Tip: Spray the POWER BRAKE CLEAN onto a cloth and rub both the front and rear brake disc thoroughly clean. We recommend a brake test at low speed before you go out on the bike again in order to ensure optimal brake efficiency. That means that this is the very last step in the procedure for the perfectly maintained bike! 18 Brake clean spray

Cleans and degreases the brake discs without leaving any residue. Reliably dissolves and removes oil, grease, tar, brake fluid, dirt, etc. Does not attack rubber, plastic or paint. 19



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