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BIKE LINE Perfect Care EN SE

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CARE & PROTECTION BIKE SHINE is a water- and moisture-repellent spray to give your bike back its shine. After applying the spray, polish the areas treated with a soft cloth. Also suitable for carbon! Make sure that the product does not get on brake discs or rims. ✓ Our tip: In order to avoid the risk of contact with the brake discs or rims, you can apply the spray to a clean cloth and then rub the areas to be treated. This maintenance and protective spray will give your bike its glossy shine and rejuvenate the colours. Regular use of the spray will make cleaning in future much easier. The spray forms a slight protective film, which reduces the amount of earth and dirt that will collect on the cycle frame. Your bike now has optimum protection and is almost as shiny now as it was new. 12 Maintenance and protective spray

Freshens colours and gives a high gloss. BIKE SHINE protects, preserves and is water-repellent (beading effect). Its anti-static properties repel dust, making it ideal for conserving bicycles that are not frequently used. Ideal for use after cleaning. 13



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