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BIKE LINE Perfect Care EN SE

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MOVING PART LUBRICATION The special feature of this step in the procedure is the effect this excellent universal spray has. INTACT MX 50 not only forms a very effective protective film, but also undermines and repels water in inaccessible gaps and crevices. This means corrosion is prevented and moving parts do not seize up. ✓ Our tip: Press the spray nozzle once or twice for a very short time and catch the excess oil on the other side with a cloth. After spraying, rub the area off with the cloth. Furthermore, annoying squeaking noises are also permanently eliminated. 10 Universalspray

Essential every time you clean with water. The special features involving undermining and repelling water make the spray indispensable. Lubricates all moving parts and provides optimal corrosion protection. Conserves and eliminates squeaking. INTACT MX 50 can be used universally in a wide range of areas. 11



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